PhoenixDx® ABC Mastermix (3 buffers x 1.25 mL)

Sale price$145.00

PhoenixDx® ABC qPCR Mastermixes contain everything needed for a successful qPCR or RT-qPCR experiment. The 2X qPCR Mixes contain dNTPs, MgCland an optimized buffer formulation to provide the right environment for successful reverse transcription and PCR amplification. The 20X Enzyme Mix provides: VitaTaq® DNA Polymerase for fast and reliable amplification of your sequence of interest and a proprietary anti-Taq HotStart antibody to grant full control over the reaction start and protects the enzymes under harsh reaction conditions. The 20X RT Enzyme additionally contains the VitaScript® Reverse Transcriptase for precise and sensitive reverse transcription of RNA to cDNA and a reliable RNase inhibitor for best sample integrity.

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