Specimen bags (6x9inch) (1000 Bag Pack)

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  • Items: 1000pcs 6x9.8in/15x25cm High quality ziplock top Biohazard Specimen Bags with outside pocket paperwork pouch, convenient for storage, shipping, and it’s easy to label your specimens. 
  • Easily visible Biohazard Logo: Prominent red and black biohazard logo bags alert others to handle or store carefully, ensure that the specimen is good, or can serve as a warning not to touch potentially dangerous objects. 
  • ZipLock: There is a self-sealing zipper on the head. The high-quality sealing belt is reusable. Easy to open and seal the bag. 
  • Outside Pocket: Separate file bag that’s convenient to record or leave a note. 
  • Multipurpose: These Biohazard bags are an essential product in laboratories, hospitals, research facilities, and educational classrooms.

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