VTM-N Only (Pack of 400)

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Virus Collection and Transport Kit Designed for viral specimen collection, transport and preservation, such as flu, bird flu, and HFMD, etc.
·VTM and VTM-N Transport media can be chosen as needed.
·Disposable collection swab, composed of snappable plastic stick and viscose applicator.
·Ready to use and easy to tear package, effectively avoiding cross contamination.
·Supplied with Biohazard specimen bag, ensuring transport safe and reliable.

VTM-N Medium

VTM-N medium is a Guanidine-based medium, containing the protein deformers and nuclease inhibitors which lyse cells to release and preserve Nucleic acids (RNA & DNA), while making the virus inactive for safe handling. VTM-N ensures optimal preservation of RNA and DNA at room temperature for up to 48 h, but is not suitable for culture or rapid antigen testing.

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