PhoenixDx® Influenza/RSV Multiplex (96 Tests Per Kit) (RUO)

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PhoenixDx® Influenza/RSV Multiplex is a multiplex detection system for Influenza A, Influenza B, RSV, and a human extraction control (HEC) with the target RNase P for RT-PCR. Viral RNA is converted into cDNA through reverse transcription and unique DNA sequences for each target are subsequently amplified and detected via probe-based qPCR.

Detection and discrimination between the different targets is done in 4 easy steps:

(1) Collect samples: PhoenixDx® Influenza/RSV Multiplex works with sputum, nasopharyngealswabs, nasopharyngeal aspirates, bronchoalveolar lavage samples in Universal TransportMedium (UTM)/ Viral Transport Medium (VTM) and swab samples.

(2) Isolate RNA: sample RNA can be isolated manually with a spin column system or magneticbead system or fully automated with the SphaeraMag® DNA/RNA isolation system, or theNucelfy spin column series.

(3) Perform RT-PCR with PhoenixDx® Influenza/RSV Multiplex: PhoenixDx® Influenza/RSVMultiplex consist of only 3 components for easy sample setup.


(4) Analyze your results:


HEC Quality & Performance Control
•Shows RNA isolation &transcription were successful
•Shows if subsequent PCRamplification was successful
•Helps to evaluate overallsample RNA quality
•Reduces false-negative results

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