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Animal Gut Microbiome Testing Service

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Fast and Reliable Amplification of Your Sequence

Phoenix ABC Mastermix

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RNA Removal and Purification of Intact Genomic

Nuclefy Genomic DNA Purification Kit

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Featuring a Proof-Reading Polymerase with Unbeatable Efficiency, Ultra-Fidelity, and Superb Accuracy

Indominus® Ultra-Fi PCR Kit

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Vastly improve your testing capacity and reduce your total handling time

PhoenixDx Mycoplasma Mix

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Why Trax?


We provide our laboratories and medical offices with cutting-edge products that give them a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Trax is based in the United States with offices in Columbus and Cincinnati Ohio, Germany, United Arab Emirates, and Hangzhou China.


From Production to Validation

We work directly with our manufacturers to help bring business-changing PCR solutions to our labs, and have a world-class supply chain to keep them producing without delays.

Capture Collective Case Study

Trax Lab Systems became involved with implementing this solution and was the supplier for all of the equipment, setup, and validation.

Pacific Toxicology Laboratories

This is key to providing consistency in testing accuracy and the ability to accomplish high volume work-flows as seen in the height of the Covid.

NICL Laboratories

In July 2020, NICL partnered with Trax Lab Systems to provide COVID-19 PCR testing and extractions in the greater Chicago area.

What our customers are saying...

Nahid Haghighi. The Testing Company (TTC) Laboratories; Clinical Assay Development Scientist.

TTC has collaborated with TRAX to conduct validations and comparison studies on various PCR-based kits and reagents since 2021. Our data support the TRAX PCR mastermixes and primer/probe sets accuracy and reliability for detection of microbial agents. Each kit contains appropriate controls and generates extremely high quality results.

Manuela Natoli, Ph.D. - Principal Scientific Associate - Research Instrumentation and Cell Services Core Facility

We offer a weekly mycoplasma testing service for the researchers in our Institute and the wider University of Cambridge. The PhoenixDx Mycoplasma kit has vastly improved our testing capacity and reduced the total handling time. [...]The PhoenixDx system is very robust, easy to use, and has shown very good sensitivity in the detection of low mycoplasma contaminations.

Pacific Toxicology Laboratories

Both the logistics and tech support from TRAX Lab Systems has enabled PacTox to keep up with the growing demand for high-quality PCR testing in California and around the country. We have contacted tech support several times and they’ve always promptly answered our questions and concerns.

Barbara Sevener, Chicago Clinical Laboratories, LTD, Technical and Development Manager

NICL partnered with Trax Lab Systems to provide COVID-19 PCR testing and extractions in the greater Chicago area as well as Northwest Indiana.
Phoenix is fast, accurate, and easy to use. Trax Lab Systems provided [us] with critical automated extraction and molecular analyzer instruments, and continues to supply [us] with PCR consumables such as swabs/VTMs and plastic consumables – often times within 24-hours of the products being ordered.

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Designer Enzymes & Premium PCR Products

Genetics & Bioengineering are at the core of what we offer and are used for directed in-vitro evolution of novel enzymes with improved properties for Research and Diagnostics.

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Intellectual Property

A strong patent and IP portfolio, including proprietary methods for molecular evolution and bioprocess engineering are the guarantee for more accurate, robust, powerful polymerases and better PCR results.

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Trax Lab Systems

Not Your Typical Lab Supply

As an exclusive distributor of biotech products, we use real world data and feedback to help create cutting-edge products and opportunities for our labs.

Advanced Technology

Next Generation Sequencing - Our broad range of NGS Services include: DNA-Seq, such as Whole Genome Sequencing, Whole Exome Sequencing, Shotgun Metagenome Analysis, and Microbial Diversity Analysis; and RNA-Seq, such as Gene Expression Profiling and Transcriptomics.


Trax provides a variety of nearly universal consumables commonly used in PCR laboratory research, produced under rigorous quality control to ensure the highest performance in your lab.

Technical Support

With more than 150 unique SKUs, our product offering has been specifically designed to create a one-stop-shop for molecular, forensic, veterinary and research laboratories. All new customers receive a free tech support call with their first purchase.