Pactox Case Study

Pactox Case Study


Pacific Toxicology Laboratories

Founded in 1984 Pacific Toxicology Laboratories “PacTox” is one of the country’s leading specialty laboratories. Their state of the art facility in Los Angeles is a multi-disciplinary clinical laboratory center performing Clinical Toxicology, Industrial Drug Testing, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Biological Monitoring, Forensic Toxicology, Medical Surveillance, and COVID-19 Testing.

PhoenixDx PCR Test

PacTox began working with the PhoenixDx PCR Test from Trax in September 2020. The test is easy to use due to its simple protocol that our techs can repeatedly follow. This is the key to providing testing consistency and accuracy and grants us the ability to accomplish the high volume work-flows seen during the height of the Covid pandemic.

Along with the ability to execute tests consistently, rapidly and with high accuracy, it is also important to have the necessary supplies readily available and delivered on-time. Also, when technical questions come up, it is important for our team to feel confident that they can talk to an expert and come up with a solution to a challenge or get an answer that is accurate. In that capacity, Trax has been a wonderful partner.

Both the logistics and tech support from TRAX Lab Systems have enabled PacTox to keep up with the growing demand for high-quality PCR testing in California and around the country. PacTox has contacted the Trax tech support team several times and they’ve always promptly answered our questions and concerns.