2X Magic SYBR Mix (2 mL 200 rxn)

할인 가격$65.00

2X Magic SYBR & Probe mixes are all-around qPCR reagents optimized for a broad range of applications.

They include:

  • A HotStart feature for maximum control over the reaction start
  • A dUTP/dTTP blend to eliminate amplicon carry-over contamination
  • A universal ROX concentration suitable for all common cyclers
  • Improved performance in the presence of PCR inhibitors

While 2X Magic SYBR Mix is used for dye-based detection, 2X Magic Probe Mix was developed for use with probe-based applications. Here, the amplification signal comes from hydrolyzation of a fluorescence-labeled probe upon amplification of the target sequence.

While dye-based detection is more cost-effective, probe-based assays usually offer a way higher specificity and are more sensitive. The choice is dependent on your application.

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