SphaeraMag® DNA/RNA Isolation Kit (manual pipetting required)

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Our Universal Extraction Solution:

Reagents are provided as bulk. Use them for manual extraction or load for automated extraction systems.

 Trax Sphaeramag Extraction

 SphaeraMag DNA/RNA Isolation Kit – Universal


Kit Size

96 preps, 2 x 96 preps, 10 x 96 preps



Input Volume

up to 200 µl

Input Type

Saliva, nasopharyngeal or throat swabs in PhoenixProtect solution,

NaCI, PBS, universal or viral transport media (UTM/VTM)



Phoenix-Pure-96; Phoenix-Pure-32; Auto-Pure-96; Auto-Pure-32;

Auto-Pure Mini; Hamilton Microlab STSR; Hamilton MagEx STARlet;

Hamilton NIMBUS; KingFisher BioSprint

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